Thursday, March 01, 2007

How unfair is life?

Today, I have come to note that life is very very unfair.

Her, being all that she is... flirtatious... getting all the men everywhere and dumping them when she gets bored. All along, she's attached. It grosses me out... I cannot comprehend it when she tells me she's serious. What about her current real bf?

All the things those guys will do for her... fly to her. Damn it. It's sick that she's toying around with them like that and they're willing to do so much.

Then I remembered how much we loved each other... How it was really unfair that we didn't have the capability to meet- take the aeroplane and fly to wherever we are. It's so unfair it's pissing me off... we were so serious and so in love... yet we didn't have the ability to meet.

Yet someone who's taking love and relationships so lightly... they get to meet.

Fuck. Life is so damn unfair. Makes me wanna hurl just talking to her.

Yes, I am jealous. Only because it's supposed to happen to US not to her. Because we were serious, and she is not. She doesn't deserve good things happening to her.

The one thing I wanted more than anything else in the world.. was to have him take a plane here, move here, marry me and live like that forever.

Reality likes to turn around and bite you in the ass really hard.

One can still hope- that maybe, just maybe... one day, your job would take you here.

There's no one else who would listen to me now. So I guess I can only type it out here. I miss you so much... I wanna talk to you, laugh over your jokes, spend time with you because you're ever so interesting. I really really miss you.

There's no one else like you. And there will never be one like you. You're so special and you'll always be in my heart.


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